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ALL my stuff are CHEAP and GOOD! they're unique, cant be easily found outside unlike those little miss, spongebob, elmo and cookie monster tees! if you're sick of such tees as well as those preorders of cardis, skinnies & new future shorts, then you should visit MY BLOG NOW!! my blog has stuff which no one else has! ALL instocks which means NO WAITING TIME!

- Unique
- ALL instocks

Mode Of purchase:
Bank transfer only (for postage) or cash on delivery (for meet ups). NO concealed cash.

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All items are either new or use only once or twice, as i am a impulsive buyer basically buying things without utilising my brain to think...so things are bought then are not used at all.

New or almost not used

If you are someone who want to buy new stuffs at cheaper price, VISIT this blog! :D

Payment Mode:
Concealed cash at your own risk, IB or bank transfer

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- Earrings
- Necklaces
- Bracelets
- Bags
- Wallets
- Tops and Bottoms
- Toys
- Cosmetics
- Stickers for MP3/HP
- Gifts and others
- Festival items at different times
- All at reasonable prices!!
Loads of stuffs!

Mode of payment:
If meet up, pay only when meet up. If by postage, pay thru bank transfer or concealed cash

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Too many, divided into 3 shops!!!

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JTBAY shop1




- dresses

- boyfriend shirts

- tunics

- more!! 3 shops to talk about!

Just visit us!

Mode Of Payment:

Meetups or bank transfer

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- Clothings
- Accessories
- Shoes
- Preorders[sometimes]

Mode of payment:
Bank transfer & meet-ups

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Jxonlineshop practically sells tops and dresses. Everything in the shop are mostly brand new and are all selling under $15. The blog is updated almost every week or fornightly with new clothes/dresses. And rest assure that newly updated clothes will be all under $15 too! The idea of setting up this blogshop is to actually helping to clear my wardrobe of clothes that are bought on impulse or worn once/twice. So what are you waiting now?Come visit jxonlineshop to see if there's any cheap deals for you!Trades are welcome too!

- Tops
- Dresses
- Below $15
- Mostly brand new
- New clothes/dress every week

Mode of Payment
ATM transfer/I-bank transfer,meet ups.

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Mode of Payments

Meetups and Funds Transfer.

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Want USA goods but can't afford to travel there to have them? Here paddle-pop-pop open up variety of American Sprees all year round. Plus instocks at great prices! Stand a chance to win in monthly lucky draw!

- USA goods

- Lucky draw

Mode of Payment:
Mode of payment will be bank transfer and meetup.

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Eyes Box

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Korea lens spree Wholesale available too,lowest prices in town!

Mode of Payment:

Payment only by Funds transfer

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Currently doing a FBT preorder, selling at $11.50 per piece when its retailing up to $15.90 outside! :D super cheap, and you'll be able to get your stocks before CNY! Order quick.


Mode of payment:
Payment is through POSB transfer